There are angels

In 2012 Shaun Davey was commisioned by the Arts Council of Ireland and Culture Ireland to work with Romanian director Silviu Purcarete and the company of Teatrul Nazionale Radu Stanca in Sibiu, on a remarkable  staging of Jonathon Swift's famous allegory 'Gulliver's Travels'. In 2014 Davey enlarged his score and rearranged it for full orchestra and choir. Renamed 'Sunt Angelis', and featuring texts from the Latin Psalms, it had its debut with the RTECO at the National Concert Hall, Dublin, that year. The concert featured singer Rita Connolly and piper Liam O'Flynn, joined by the Sibiu University Male Choir led by Fr Sorin Dobre.

The suite has seven sections and a duration of 30 minutes. One section,Tibi Cantabo, has become a free-standing aria, rearranged by the composer in 2019 for performance with the RTENSO.