Performance works 

1980 The Brendan Voyage, suite for uilleann pipes and orchestra 

1983 The Pilgrim, suite for Celtic soloists, choir, pipeband and orchestra 

1985 Granuaile, orchestral song suite for solo singer, uilleann pipes, harp, guitar, percussion, piano and orchestra 

1986 Concerto for uilleann pipes and orchestra 

1986 Fair Maid of the West, songs and underscore 

1989 The Relief of Derry Symphony, for soloists, orchestra and pipeband 

1990 The Pilgrim, narrator role 

1990 The Deer's Cry, hymn for solo singer, choir and orchestra 

1992 Double Harp Concerto. concerto for two harps and orchestra 

1995 Gulliver, a Choral symphony, for mixed choir, boys choir and orchestra 

1997 The Wind and the Rain, for solo singer, accordion, piano and orchestra 

1998 Musical; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 

1999 Musical; James Joyce's The Dead, for singers, violin, cello, flute, oboe percussion, guitar and piano 

2000 The Pilgrim, music for Celtic soloists, choir, percussion and orchestra; The Battle of Cul Dremna, Two Galician Dances, Dance an Dro, The Irish Sea, Pilgrim's Sunrise, Farewell to Nantes (Kenavo d'an Naoned), Pilgrim's Finale 

2000 The Parting Glass, for scottish bagpipes and organ 

2002  Fill to me the Parting Glass, for three singers, uilleann pipes, fiddle, percussion, choir and orchestra 

2003 Suite for the Dublin Special Olympics, for Irish trad. soloists, solo singer, percussion, choir, pipeband and orchestra 

2003, Orchestral filmscore for Ella Enchanted 

2004 Suite from Waking Ned, for uilleann pipes, whistle, fiddle, percussion and orchestra 

2005 Granuaile, introduction and revisions 

2005 Ballykissangel Suite, for two guitars, percussion and orchestra 

2006 Music of the Spheres, for handbells and orchestra 

2006 Songs for Beal Tuinne, for singers, button accordion, guitar, and pedal harmonium; 

2007 Hymn to a Viking Longship, suite for solo singer, uilleann pipes, scottish bagpipes, percussion and orchestra 

2008 Suite from The Hanging Gale for uillann pipes and orchestra 

2008 Suite from Tailor of Panama, for two guitars and orchestra 

2008 David Copperfield,  orchestral suite 

2008 Twelfth Night, orchestra suite 

2008 Bealtaine na Maighdine, for solo singer, choir and orchestra 

2008 Daniel O'Connell's Hymn of Happy People, solo singer, choir, uilleann pipes and orchestra 

2008 The Finest of Arts, for narrator, violin, clarinet, cello, keys and percussion 

2009 Voices from the Merry Cemetery, song suite for solo singer, uilleann pipes, male voice choir and orchestra 

2009 Vinturile Valurile. Song for mixed choir, uilleann pipes and orchestra 

2010 Starlit Sky, for solo singer, uilleann pipes, mixed choir and orchestra 

2010 Four Christmas Carols, for solo singer, accordion, mixed choir and orchestra 

2010 Amhrán do DCU, for choir, uilleann pipes, percussion and organ 

2010 Summer Overture, for orchestra 

2012 Gulliver's Travels. Electronic recordings and Latin psalms 

2012 Songs from the High Seas, for choir, mandolin, guitar, organ, uilleann pipes, organ and percussion 

2013 Musical; Lord of the Flies 

2014 Sunt Angelis, suite for soloists, choir, piano and orchestra 

2014 Carraig Aonair, for solo singer, mixed choir, piano and orchestra 

2015 Nora, song suite for solo singer, clarinet, piano, keys, percussion, guitar and button accordion 

2016 One Hundred Years a Nation, for narrator, mixed choir, children's choir and orchestra 

2016 Farewell to a Friend, choir and orchestra 

2017 Nuail Nollaig, for solo singer, chorus, trad. instruments 

2019 Tibi Cantabo, for two solo singers, piano, mixed choir and orchestra 

2019 Hymn to a Setting Sun, ómos do Liam O'Flynn, uilleann pipes and orchestra 

2020 Concerto for Cello and Orchestra 


1976 Catchpenny Twist, The Peacock 

1978 Kingdom Come, The King's Head 

1986 Fair Maid of the West, RSC 

1988 Peer Gynt, The Gate 

1990 Mary and Lizzie, RSC, The Pit 

1990 The Silver Tassie, The Abbey 

1990 The Bread Man, The Gate 

1991 Troilus and Cressida, RSC , The Swan 

1991 Prayers of Sherkin, The Peacock 

1992 A Winter's Tale, RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, The Barbican and World tour 

1992 Columbus and the Discovery of Japan, The Barbican, RSC 

1993 King Lear, RSC. Stratford-upon-Avon, The Barbican 

1993 The Tempest, RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, The Barbican 

1994 The Well of the Saints, The Abbey 

1995 Romeo and Juliet, RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, The Barbican 

1995 Angels from America, The Abbey 

1995 Observe the Sons of Ulster marching towards The Somme. The Abbey 

1995 The only true history of Lizzie Finn, The Abbey 

1995 The Crucible, The Abbey 

1997 Mutabilitie, National Theatre 

1997 White Woman Street, The Bush Theatre 

1998-2002 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, RSC, Stratford-upon Avon, The Barbican, Sadlers Wells 

1999 James Joyce's The Dead, Playwrights Horizons and The Belasco Theatre, Broadway 

2002 Lady from the Sea, The Almeida 

2002 Three Sisters, Nuffield Theatre, Southampton 

2002 Pericles, RSC, The Roundhouse, Stratford-upon-Avon 

2003 Skellig, The Young Vic 

2010 King Lear, The Old Globe, San Diego 

2011 The Tempest, The Old Globe, San Diego 

2011, The Tempest, The Haymarket 

2012 As you like it, The Old Globe, San Diego 

2012 The Tempest, Bath Theatre Royal 

2013 Gulliver's Travels, Teatrul Nazionale Radu Stanca, Sibiu, Romania 

2016 Pericles, Theatre for a New Audience, Brooklyn, New York 

2020 The Old Tune, Jermyn Street Theatre 

TV and Film 

1975 Dark City, documentary, RTE 

1975 Great Irish Houses, documentary 

1976 The Spike, RTE 

1977 Catchpenny Twist, BBC Play for Today 

1980 Still Love, RTE 

1987 Granuaile at Greenwich, Windmill Productions/RTE 

1990 Who Bombed Birmingham, Granada 

1995 The Hanging Gale, BBC World 

1995 Loving, BBC World 

1995 Ballykissangel, BBC, World 

1996 Ballykissangel, BBC, World 

1997 Ballykissangel, BBC, World 

1997 Twelfth Night, Renaissance/Fineline 

1998 Kings in Grass Castles, Barron Entertainment 

1998 Waking Ned Devine, Fox Searchlight 

1999 David Copperfield, Hallmark 

2000 Tailor of Panama, Columbia 

2000 The Spice Islands Voyage, documentary, Tim Severin 

2001 The Abduction Club, Pathé 

2002 In Search of Robinson Crusoe, documentary, Tim Severin 

2004 In Search of Moby Dick, documentary, Tim Severin 

2010, The Brendan Voyage, documentary, Tim Severin 


1973 Davey and Morris; York/Decca 

1978 The Pride of the Herd; CBS 

1980 The Brendan Voyage; Tara 

1983 The Pilgrim; Tara 

1985, Granuaile; Tara 

1990 The Relief of Derry Symphony; Tara 

1997 Twelfth Night; Silvascreen 

1998 Waking Ned Devine; London 

2000 The Tailor of Panama; Varese Sarabande 

2001; The Abduction Club; Silvascreen 

2002 The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe; RSC 

2006 May we never have to say goodbye; Tara 

2008 Béal Tuinne, Live in Dingle; Tara 

2010 Voices from the Merry Cemetery; Tara 

2019 Rita Connolly sings Shaun Davey Christmas Songs 

Additional Record Productions 

1976 Sonny Condell, Camouflage 

1977 Midnight Well 

1992 Rita Connolly 

1992 Liam O'Flynn, Out to Another Side 

1994 Rita Connolly, Valparaiso 

1994 Liam O'Flynn, The Given Note 


1971 Bachelor of Arts, Trinity College, Dublin 

1973 Master of Arts, The Courtauld Institute, London 

1985 People of the Year Award 

1995 BAFTA Nomination 

1995 Ivor Novello Award 

1996 BAFTA Nomination 

1997 Ivor Novello nomination 

1998 Golden Reel Award 

1999 TRIC Award for bets UK TV theme 

1999 New York Critics Award 

2000 Antoinette Perry Award Nomination 

201l San Diego Critics Award 

2011 Romanian Cultural Merit Award 

2016 Drama Desk Nomination 

2016 Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland